The Oregon Internet Exchange (Oregon-IX) provides rich Internet connectivity for Internet Service Providers and high-volume networks throughout the Northwest region. Oregon-IX partners can use Oregon-IX to exchange traffic with each other and maintain efficient packet routes without having to resort to costlier solutions. Oregon-IX is also involved with regional fiber projects.

With only a limited number of  major exchange points in the United States and exponential growth in Internet traffic currently taking place, it is becoming increasingly difficult to send packets to a local destination via a direct route. One possible solution is to purchase an additional circuit from your current provider or another provider to handle increased load. But if a sigificant portion of your traffic is local, Oregon-IX provides a cost-effective way for you to route your traffic directly to its destination.

The Oregon Exchange is located on the University of Oregon campus at 1585 East 13th, Eugene, Oregon 97403. The NPA-NXX (phone number prefix) is 541-346 for this site. Oregon-IX partners connect to the exchange by co-locating a router at the Oregon IX's equipment room at the Oregon Hall switch-room facility on the University of Oregon Campus. DC power is available.

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